How can I use self-hypnosis for weight loss and exercise motivation?

One of the main causes for weight gain is poor eating habits and lack of exercise. You can naturally  shed weight if you build a healthy relationship with food and exercise regularly. Hypnosis can help you unconsciously process new patterns for eating healthy  and exercising regularly. For example, eating less sugar, avoiding junk food or high calorie fattening or processed foods could naturally lead to weight loss. Eating slowly and consuming less food and calories can lead to a significant change in your weight as well. You can determine how often you want to exercise, and the type of exercise you prefer. All of this information can be communicated to your unconscious mind during the state of hypnosis.

If you make healthy eating and regular exercise as part of your lifestyle, you could shed the extra pounds naturally.

What type of affirmations can I use in self-hypnosis for weight loss or exercise motivation?

Here are some examples of affirmation you can use to establish better eating habits and exercise regularly

I choose to exercise x times a week, at 9:00am for x minutes

I have lost my desire for sugar I am now in control

I choose a healthy relationship food

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