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AlphaMind Application

Design Your Mind With AlphaMind

Self-Hypnosis Made Easy with Three Easy Steps:

1.Choose Your Relaxation Technique

2.Create Your Programs for Change

3.Choose Your Background Music

Start Trance-Forming with Our Self Hypnosis Audios!

Learn Self Hypnosis. Sign up and receive our 45-minutes tutorial. Techniques and some key insights on how to design custom scripts. Plus the scripts.



    Self-hypnosis  is a process of attaining a self-induced hypnotic state.
    Elicit a relaxation response for stress reduction and program of the mind to make changes.
    Learn to Hypnotize Yourself.
    Design Your Mind with AlphaMind

    AlphaMind is an application, that helps you design your own customized self-hypnosis audios for personal growth and behavior modification.

    Self-hypnosis suggestions are recorded in your own voice and repeated to you throughout the audio. Research and science show, that self-instruction and positive affirmations repeated in one’s voice along with repetition can maximize positive results for the behavior modification and enhance one’s motivation for a positive change.


    After you log in, follow three steps to create your own customized self-hypnosis audio recording.

    Step 1: Pick a relaxation technique (hypnotic induction) from our library of inductions.

    Step 2: Pick a unique script, consisting of ten affirmations that are specific to an area of growth (from our library or you can design your own affirmations). All affirmations are recorded in your own voice.

    Step 3: Select relaxing background music or sounds from our music library and customize the audio settings to meet your requirements.

    Your customized self-hypnosis audio program is saved under your My Recordings Inbox. The length of the final audio program is 20 minutes. It is recommended that you listen to your audio with headphones daily for best results for at least about two weeks. Your affirmations are repeated at least ten times over relaxing music after listening to the relaxation technique. Your audio can be updated and shared with family and friends.

    Areas of behavior modification:

    Public Speaking Confidence

    Stage Fright

    Athletes Performance

    Focus and Productivity

    Weight loss & Exercise Motivation

    Fear of Flying

    Relationship confidence

    Pain Management

    Stress Reduction


    Bad Habits

    And more

    We recommend that you design your own affirmations in order to facilitate a more robust change in the specific area of your life. On the AlphaMind web site we offer a complimentary online tutorial teaching self-hypnosis and how to design affirmations for a lasting change.


    Free Account is free and gives you access to only 1 relaxation technique, 1 music track and one category from our library. Your customized audio is available to you for one week only.

    Standard Account allows you to create unlimited audio programs within your My Recordings Inbox, with unlimited saving options. You will have access to only 2 relaxation techniques, 2 categories from our library and 2 music tracks.

    Pro Account monthly gives you unlimited access to our relaxation techniques, unlimited categories from our library, unlimited music tracks and unlimited saving options.

    Pro Account yearly gives you unlimited access to our relaxation techniques, unlimited categories from our library, unlimited music tracks and unlimited saving options. You receive 2 months for free with this subscription.

    You can also purchase our relaxation techniques and scripts individually if you choose our Free or Standard accounts.  We recommend Pro Account yearly for best savings and unlimited access to all relaxation techniques, categories, music and access to newly added relaxation techniques, categories, and music anytime.

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