How do I overcome fear of flying with self-hypnosis?

You need to learn to relax, and use mindfulness to release tension and anxiety from mind and body.

Relaxation techniques can help you establish a relaxation response, which is the opposite of fight-or-flight response. You can learn these techniques or use ours from our library of relaxation techniques.

You also need to program your mind with specific beliefs statements, to help you feel more calm, relaxed and confident when flying on the airplane.

What type of affirmations do I need use in self-hypnosis to overcome my fear of flying?

It is common for someone who experiences a fear of flying to believe that the plane would crash and that they are not safe on the plane. It is pretty simple, but this belief triggers a tremendous anxiety and a fight-or-flight response in the body, causing one to stay alert and hyper vigilance.

Here are the examples of the affirmations to use in self-hypnosis to reduce and climate the fear of flying:

I am always safe when I fly on the plane

I realize worrying about the unknown is pointless

I choose to relax and trust the safety when flying

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