How does self-hypnosis work to help you quit bad habits and addictions?


     It is a deep state of relaxation and openness to suggestion, that allows you to reprogram the mind. Bad habits, like smoking or biting nails uncontrollably are often mindless behaviors we do unconsciously without thinking about it. These actions can be developed out of stress or trauma; however they may also just stem from picking up these programs around us when growing up in our environment with family members who model them for us as well as others we encounter on an everyday basis at school, home life, etcetera. You can reprogram these patterns and disconnect from the origin of the bad habit.

     Through the power of self-hypnosis, you are able to remove associations with these unwanted behaviours while building better ones in their place so these new habits become natural and easy to sustain. You can also overcome addictive behavior and patterns by removing cravings for cigarettes or alcohol  or simple physical harmful patterns like skin picking or hair pulling and becoming more aware of the triggers. You can learn to take control as you become more  aware of yourself, especially in the moment of emotional trigger or cravings. This is the the power of mindfulness. All of this can be achieved by programming your mind through self-hypnosis.


What affirmations can I use when building new habits?


     There are many different affirmations you can use and they vary depending on what you want to focus.We always suggest focusing on the outcome. For example, if you want to overcome a drinking habit, instead of saying “I am not drinking anymore” or “ I don’t feel the urge to drink”, we recommend affirming the following statements:

I have lost the need for drinking

I am able to release and resolve the urge to drink

I am now in control

     Do you see the difference?  Check out our vast library of transformative affirmations by subscribing to AlphaMind app to help you overcome bad habits and build better healthy patterns and habits.