How do I manage or reduce pain with self-hypnosis?

Hypnosis is widely used for pain management. You can change the perception of pain your mind. Often people don’t even realize how physically tense they are, and how much tension they hold in the muscles from stress, anger, anxiety fear and frustration. Your body is your unconscious mind. Your body often    reflects your state of being, and how you are in your daily life.

Self-hypnosis can be used to redirect your attention from the sensation of pain. Pain is often associated with physical tension, swelling and tightness. In hypnosis you can relax all muscles, especially in those part of your body where you feel pain. Deep relaxation can alleviate pain.

Self-hypnosis can be used to direct your mind to relax specific parts of the body, to let go of stress or nagging thoughts and ideas to learn better posture or even to crave exercise.

What type of affirmations can I use to manage pain and reduce tension in the body?

     You can use our AlphaMind app library to create or choose affirmations for your specific needs. They vary in topic and focus but each one is designed with a different goal in mind – from releasing negative thoughts, chronic anxiety about something, self-forgiveness and learning how to slow down the pace of life so you have more time to love yourself better.

      To manage pain & stress we recommend creating or choosing affirmations form our large selection which includes over 100 scripts focused on topics like letting go of things that cause anger; forgiving yourself when feeling shame or guilt; healing persistent sadness by tapping into spiritual truths and more.

     Here are some examples of these pain management affirmations:

I choose to relax all muscles in my scalp and forehead now

I am able to let go and release all tension

I easily let go all negative thoughts and allow myself to enjoy thoughtless now

Check out our vast library of transformative affirmations by subscribing to AlphaMind app to help you manage pain  and learn to establish a relaxation response in mind and body.