How can I use self-hypnosis for stress reduction?

     Deep relaxation can activate a natural Relaxation response in your body, which is the opposite of a fight-or-flight response, characterized by the lowered levels of cortisol and increase in melatonin, endorphins and serotonin production in your brain. By relaxing you naturally slow down your heart rate, breathing and metabolism, enhancing your ability to think more positively and feel calm and relaxed. This related state of mind will also  produce a positive effect in how you think behave and make moment-to-moment decisions.

     You can listen to our relaxation techniques and meditations to help you attain such state of deep calmness and relaxation in mind and body. You can also designing your own uniques affirmations to reduce tension and stress or even ask questions that lead to self-discovery and personal unique insight.

What type of affirmations or questions can I use to reduce tress and anxiety?

     You may release stress and feel more calm  by stating an outcome-based affirmations while in the state of hypnosis. Here are some examples:

I allow myself to calm down and I feel safe now

I am able to breathe deeply and I calm down

I am able to let go of all tension and I feel naturally at ease

You may also use a self inquiry method by asking open-ended outcome based questions, while in the state of hypnosis. Here are some examples:

What do I need to do to overcome feeling anxious about X?

What mindset do I need to develop to feel more confident about X?

How I act and behave when I am more at ease with X and Y?

Substitute X or Y with your unique words. Trust your inner mind to give you the insight and unique guidance.

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