How can I use self-hypnosis for relationship problems?

     The relationships problem area is so vast. You may want to improve your romantic, professional or family relationships.

     You may need to let go of an old relationship and heal a broken heart. You may need to build confidence meeting men or women and improve your dating life or settle on attracting a life time partner.

     Whatever your goal is, you can use self-inquiry to discover a leading and necessary personal insight and  use self-hypnosis  to program yourself with specific affirmations for change in behavior and mindset.

What type questions can I use in hypnotherapeutic self-inquiry?

You may use a relaxation technique to relax deeply and begin to self-inquire questions like:

What do I need to change in my behavior and mindset to attract a long term partner?

What beliefs do I need to have  to move on and attract a new and healthy relationship?

What do I need change about myself to open up to relation ships?

     Make sure your questions are stated in the outcome frame and are always open-ended. Take your time, and wait for the insight to surface. It can happen during the  session or later in the coming days.

What type of affirmations can I use in self-hypnosis to improve my relationships?

Once again it all depends on your focus and the desired outcome. Here are some examples:

I am able to move on and let of X

I am able to attract a lifetime partner and build family

I am married woman ( man), I have my own family

I am confident when I meet and interact with women ( men)

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