How can I use self-hypnosis for focus and productivity?

Mental Focus is like a lens in your camera. It can be blurry, unless you adjust it into focus, It takes a little of time time and energy to achieve such focus. That’s why some people have hard time focusing. It is a matter of commitment, drive and motivation to focus and absorb what you read, see or hear. But it is worth it. You can use self-hypnosis to learn  to stay focused, become more structured in your activities and disciplined. Procrastination can be overcome with suggestions of discipline, proper scheduling and ego strengthening.

What type of affirmations can I use to become more focused and productive?

There is a variety of affirmations you can use for focus, productive or to help you overcome procrastination. Each direction has its own set of suggestions. Here are some examples:

I am able to seclude my activities and show up daily for my work and projects

I am able to focus on what I read hear and see

I am able to focus retain and deliver projects with diligence and accountability


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