How can I use self-hypnosis to overcome stage fright?

Even some of the most famous actors and performers can experience stage fright. They use the tools to relax and sometimes even see a hypnotherapist to help them with confidence. It is totally common and you should not feel ashamed if you hit that roadblock in your performing career. And certainly it can be overcome.

If you experience stage fright, the common systems are physical nervousness, dreading your performance, not believing on your ability to perform well and inability to stay present and fully in the moment. You are also very likely to overthink your performance and fear the audience’s harsh judgement or criticism. In other words, you are distanced and maybe thinking poorly about yourself, instead of valuing yourself and enjoying your craft of performing for people.

Self-hypnosis can be used reprogram yourself with suggestions for confidence, calm and boost your self esteem, as well as for relaxation and anchoring yourself to the moment. Because your magnificent performance depends on your ability to stay present and fully in the moment.

What type of affirmations can I use in self-hypnosis to overcome stage fright?

Here are some sample affirmations to use in self-hypnosis to build more confidence as a reformer:

I am fully in the moment when I perform

I am able to access an authentic performance and enjoy every moment

I feel calm, relaxed and confident when I perform

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