How can I use self-hypnosis to help me become a confident public speaker?

     Public speaking is one of the few top issues people search for when looking hypnosis. Most people with public speaking anxiety have worries about not looking good or fearing audience’s judgement or simply not believing they are worth the attention, as if they would perform poorly and so on. They often dread their presentation and are never present during the speaking engagement and certainly not enjoying it. There is often a disconnect from the audience, and a perceived idea of the audience being an enemy of some kind as if the people watching want the speaker to fail or judge the speaker harshly. It’s all in the mind. It is key to create the opposite of that, such as being present, connected to your audience, feeling confident and enjoying every moment of your presentation. You can use self-hypnosis to reprogram your mind for more confidence and the feeling of calm. You can also use quick relaxation techniques to elicit a relaxation response in the body.


What type affirmations can I use in hypnosis to help me become more confident as a speaker?

You can program your mind with the appointive of what you think and believe when it comes to public speaking. Sit down and write what you think of yourself, your audience and your ability to speak publicly. And simply rewrite all of it into positive empowering new statements. Here are some examples:

I am connected with the audience and feel their support

I am fully present and enjoying the moment when I speak publicly

I am able to speak clearly and confidently

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