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Hypnotized by Your Own Eyes?

Self-Hypnosis Technique “Eye Catalepsy” By definition eye catalepsy means physical persistence of trying to open your eyelids while keeping them closed.  Eye catalepsy is an exercise that can help you relax your eyelids while transcending [...]

Self-Hypnosis Technique “Peripheral Vision”

Hypnotized by Peripheral Vision? One of my favorite and most simple techniques that I have learned from another hypnotist awhile back, is called Peripheral Vision. I have been using this technique anytime I need to [...]

This is Your Brain on Hypnosis, According to Best Science

Article by Tony Sokol          Like the layers of the subconscious it opens, the effects and mechanics of hypnosis are still being uncovered. Hypnosis can be used by stage magicians to [...]

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