Hypnotized by Your Own Eyes?

Self-Hypnosis Technique “Eye Catalepsy”

By definition eye catalepsy means physical persistence of trying to open your eyelids while keeping them closed.  Eye catalepsy is an exercise that can help you relax your eyelids while transcending this physical relaxation further down throughout your facial muscles and ultimately – the mind. You have to try it to experience it.

Eye catalepsy is part of the larger hypnotic induction, called Dave Elman Induction, invented by hypnotherapist Dave Elman in the 1960’s. This induction is widely used by hypnotherapists today and it is very popular in inducing a light state of hypnosis. Our AlphaMind application utilizes the modified version of Dave Elman Induction as one of our ten relaxation techniques.

For self-hypnosis purposes you don’t need to use the entire Dave Elman induction. I suggest you only use eye catalepsy part.  Besides, you would need someone else to guide you if you wanted to experience a full induction.

If you are out and about and need a moment of relaxation or stress reduction, simply use an eye catalepsy exercise, which can take only 1 or 2 minutes.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep Breath.
  2.  Try to open your eyelids while keeping them closes. Try really hard, and imagine as if they are sealing shut, almost glued together. Imagine, as if the harder you try to open them, the more they stick together. Simply pretend you can not open them and begin to notice the relaxing sensations in your eyelids and around your eyes, while you practice this exercise.
  3. Relax your eyes completely, stop trying to open them. Keep them closed. Let them rest for a few seconds. Feel and enjoy the relaxation that is setting in your eyelids and your facial muscles.

Do the same steps two more times.  When you are done, enjoy a deep mental relaxation, a natural state of light hypnosis. You can open your eyes and go about your day feeling more calm and present, or you can stay in the state of hypnosis and begin to program yourself with positive affirmations. These affirmations will settle right into your unconscious mind with no obstruction of the conscious mind and mental chatter.








Self-Hypnosis Technique “Peripheral Vision”

Hypnotized by Peripheral Vision?

One of my favorite and most simple techniques that I have learned from another hypnotist awhile back, is called Peripheral Vision. I have been using this technique anytime I need to anchor myself into the moment or release tension. This technique can be used for relaxation and stress reduction or it can also be used to program yourself with a positive affirmation.

How does Peripheral Vision self-hypnosis technique work?

You may be sitting or standing or even laying down. However, I personally use this technique when I am on the go. So, I usually use it while standing up or sitting.

Find a point of focus in front of you and keep gazing at the spot without moving any muscles in your eyes. I suggest that you look right ahead of you, not on the floor or ceiling if you are inside, nor the ground or sky if you are outdoors.

As you keep gazing at the spot in front of you for a moment, begin to expand your vision by noticing and paying attention to the things around that spot. Remember not to move your eyes. Become aware of what you are seeing beyond the spot and keep going further as you notice other things in your peripheral vision.  Keep your eyes on the same original spot in front of you. And yet try to see all around you, without moving your eyes. Become aware of your peripheral vision and how much you can actually see even without directly looking at all of those things .

Notice, how as you expand your vision, you are barely thinking of anything during that time. You become thoughtless. Your entire attention is focused on how much you can see without moving your eyes. It may feel as if you are being drawn into the space of your peripheral vision. You become more calm and present. Your eyes feel more relaxed and so is the rest of your body.

When should I use this self-hypnosis technique?

Use this self-hypnosis technique if you need a moment of calm or for stress reduction. For example, if you are in an argument with someone or feel tense or nervous, take a moment and begin to focus on the peripheral vision. This can be an exercise lasting anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. It will relax you and enable you to release stressful feelings and thoughts. You will naturally elicit a relaxation response, the opposite of fight-or-flight response.

Use can also this self -hypnosis technique when you want to do some mental programming. Focus on the peripheral vision to help you enter the state of receptivity to suggestion. Do it for about 5 -10 minutes this time. When you are relaxed and thoughtless, you can close your eyes and begin to focus on one positive affirmation. Speak your positive affirmation either out loud or silently within yourself for about 5 to 10 minutes. Open your eyes when you are finished feeling wonderful and recharged.